New Swell Mangrove Restoration and Outreach Project

Project SeaSafe and Sea Redwine Preservation have embarked on a monumental endeavor with the New Swell Mangrove Restoration and Outreach Project, aimed at revitalizing the Banana River Lagoon system. This ambitious initiative will see the planting of 1,000 2-3 year-old Red Mangroves within the breakwaters of Marker 24, heralding a new era of environmental rejuvenation. These mature plants are crucial to a thriving ecosystem, offering refuge to shorebirds, nurturing grounds for baitfish, and improving water quality. This significant addition promises to enhance the scenic beauty of the lagoon, contributing to a breathtaking panorama that will captivate both locals and visitors for generations.

The outreach component of this project is as innovative as it is engaging. Cory Redwine is spearheading an effort to grow mangroves at high-profile Space Coast restaurants including Grills, Rusty’s, and Rising Tide, as well as other popular dining establishments like 4th Street and Marker 24 in Merritt Island. These locations are not just dining destinations but will become interactive educational hubs where patrons can witness the growth of mangroves and learn about their vital role in the ecosystem. Through these living exhibits and restoration-themed art, the project aims to weave a narrative that aligns business interests with ecological health, fostering a community where commerce and conservation thrive in mutual support. Join us on this transformative journey to sow the seeds of change and witness the flourishing of the Indian River Lagoon. CHECK OUT THE NEW SWELL, PROJECT SEASAFE SCAVENGER HUNT