Cory Redwine

A Quirky Ball Of Energy and Will to Help


Welcome to the world of Cory, a relentless force in environmental conservation and a beacon of hope for our natural world. As the Conservation Director at Star brite and Project SeaSafe, Cory is at the forefront of safeguarding our seas and shores. Her journey doesn’t stop there—she’s a dedicated field tech for UF – Whitley Lab under Dr. Todd Osbourne, where she delves into the science of restoration and preservation.

Cory’s heart beats in unison with numerous conservation groups, notably collaborating with Blair Wiggins IRL Clam Restoration, to replenish and nurture clam populations. At the helm of SeaRedwine Preservation, a passionate 501(c)(3) organization, Cory is truly boots-on-the-ground, cultivating mangroves and leading various stocking and restoration initiatives.

Her commitment extends beyond professional realms as she engages in community outreach, educating both young minds and adults about the importance of sustainable fishing and ecosystem conservation. In her free time, Cory transforms beaches and rivers into cleaner spaces, artistically repurposing collected trash into messages of hope and action. Join us in celebrating and supporting Cory’s tireless efforts to make a positive, lasting impact on our environment.