Space Coast New Swell Mangrove Project Scavenger Hunt

Join the exciting scavenger hunt to explore the wonders of the Space Coast’s mangrove restoration efforts! Project SeaSafe, @SeaRedwine, and Space Coast Florida put their heads together to come up with an educational and rewarding scavenger hunt for you! Follow the clues to find the mangroves growing in each participating establishment, snap a picture, and you could win a prize package worth over $1o0! Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery and support the New Swell Mangrove Project in a fun and interactive way. Happy hunting!




What you're looking for

Where you'll find them

Grills Seafood Deck & Tiki Bar, Port Canaveral

Clue: Find the guardians of the sea where the fishermen celebrate their catch.

Directions: Head to the end of Glen Cheek Drive where you can dine with a view of the docks.

Rusty’s Seafood and Oyster Bar, Port Canaveral

Clue: Seek the saltwater saplings where the oyster is king.

Directions: Make your way to the waterfront of Flounder Street, just a stone’s throw from the Exploration Tower.

Rising Tide Tap & Table, Port Canaveral

Clue: Look for the young coastal warriors in the place where craft brews meet culinary mastery.

Directions: Stroll down Dave Nisbet Drive, find a spot where the taps are plenty and the lake view is serene.

Fourth Street Fillin Station, Cocoa Beach

Clue: Among the gourmet bites and brews, the future forests of the sea take root.

Directions: Venture to the heart of Cocoa Beach, on the corner of Fourth Street and Minutemen Causeway.

Marker 24 Marina, Merritt Island

Clue: Where boats find their home, the mangrove nurseries flourish.

Directions: Set course for Banana River Drive, where the marina meets the mangroves.

The Alibi, Cocoa Beach

Clue: Seek out the guardians of the coast where beachside fun meets relaxation.

Directions: Explore around The Alibi in Cocoa Beach to find the mangroves, standing as coastal protectors.

Long Doggers, Melbourne

Clue: Seek out the coastal custodians where good times and great eats come together.

Directions: Navigate to the West Entrance of Long Doggers in Melbourne, where the palm trees sway.

Long Doggers, Satellite Beach

Clue: Discover the seaside stewards where beach vibes and tasty bites unite.

Directions: Wander to the Front Pavers near the marquee at Long Doggers in Satellite Beach, where the mangroves stand tall.

Long Doggers, Palm Bay

Clue: Find nature’s defenders where good food meets laid-back vibes.

Directions: Head to the front of Long Doggers in Palm Bay, where the picnic tables await, and the mangroves stand guard.

Long Doggers, Viera

Clue: Seek out the coastal protectors where flavor and fun converge.

Directions: Navigate to Long Doggers in Viera and search below the wait board in the waiting area to find the mangroves keeping watch.

Long Doggers, Cocoa Beach

Clue: Discover nature’s defenders where beach vibes and games collide.

Directions: Head to the entrance of Long Doggers in Cocoa Beach, near the games area, to find the mangroves standing tall.

Long Doggers, Indialantic

Clue: Find the green guardians where surf vibes and great food collide.

Directions: Head to the heart of Indialantic, where waves meet flavor. Spot the box near the picnic tables and bamboo on the front deck.