Intracoastal Brewery & SeaRedwine Preservation Unite for Conservation

In the gentle lap of the Indian River Lagoon, where the mangroves whisper and the waters hold histories, an exciting collaboration brews. Intracoastal Brewery and SeaRedwine Preservation, helmed by conservation visionary Cory Redwine, are merging passions to craft something truly unique—a beer with a purpose.


In every can of this specially crafted brew, a promise is poured: a commitment to the preservation and restoration of our beloved lagoon and its surrounding ecosystems. This initiative is not just about the delight of a cold beer on a warm day; it’s about savoring the taste of progress and the zest of making a difference.

The proceeds from this brew will bolster a constellation of Cory’s projects under the SeaRedwine banner. It’s not just about the growth of green—although the New Swell mangrove restoration project will benefit greatly—it’s also about the blue. Funds will fuel efforts in clam restoration, to filter our waters naturally, and mullet restocking, to bring balance back to our river. Each project, including regular trash clean-ups, is a testament to Cory’s dedication and the brewery’s commitment to a cause that extends beyond the bar.

With every sip, patrons become partners in these initiatives, supporting a greener tomorrow and cleaner waters. This isn’t just beer; it’s a movement in every gulp, a rallying cry in every cheer, and a standing ovation for the environment with every round ordered.

So let’s raise our glasses high and drink to the health of our waterways. Join the tide-turning journey—because when you choose to enjoy this beer, you choose to make waves in conservation.

Here's to clear skies, clearer waters, and the collective effort to preserve them. Cheers to change!