What Am I Looking At?

Art From Beach Trash!

This is 1 days worth trash collected off local beaches by an environmental passionate family.

The Redwines’ have lived and thrived on the space coast for many years and raised their son here. They are very passionate about art and lifting up their community. Cory Redwine over many years wanted an avenue to channel her art, the result this 8 foot tarpon built completely from beach rubbage. It’s a project of love that she wants to share with locals and visitors a like.

Much of the trash has washed it’s way up from Central/South America, Carribbean and the gulf stream due to storms and heavy east winds. that carries the trash and many other blessing such as “sea beans” and many curious finds.

On any given day you can find the Redwines’ cleaning boat ramps, beach and the rivers. Tagging sharks, surfing, paddleboarding, create art or just enjoying all that Brevard County has to offer.

Cory’s message is change can start with just picking up one piece of garbage, where ever you are. She feels it’s a start and inspires others to do the same.

Please follow cory and the the rest of her family and friends adventures on social media – just look up @searedwine, please enjoy viewing this art and be inspired to make a change in “your work”.

More Examples of Cory's Trashy Art