Mullet Stocking: Our 2024 Initiative

Why mullet matter

We’re stepping into 2024 with a focused initiative: mullet stocking and research in Brevard County. Under the guidance of Dr. Todd Osbourne and a collaborative team, we aim to enhance our local waters and understand these crucial fish better.

The Role of Mullet in Our Waters

By increasing the mullet population, we’re investing in our natural cleaning system, ensuring clearer waters and a healthier ecosystem. This has a ripple effect—from supporting more wildlife to boosting local businesses reliant on clean and vibrant waters.

We understand the balance of our local environment and economy. That’s why we’re excited about what mullet stocking can bring to our community and ecosystem alike. We look forward to sharing our progress and findings as we go, learning and adapting together.

Stay Tuned

As we move forward with this initiative, we welcome you to follow along. Your support means the world to us and to the waters we call home. Here’s to clearer waters and a thriving Brevard County!

"Stocking mullet and studying their wild populations in Brevard County is crucial for our local environment and economy. Mullet serve as natural water cleaners, reducing turbidity and enhancing water quality. This improvement benefits not only the mullet but also other aquatic life like clams, oysters, and seagrass, which thrive in clearer waters. Additionally, mullet provide a vital source of food for shorebirds and porpoises, contributing to a healthier ecosystem. Cleaner waters appeal to tourists and boost businesses like fishing and tourism, which in turn sustains our community and preserves our beautiful natural environment. By supporting mullet stocking and research, we ensure the well-being of our waterways, protect our local livelihoods, and enjoy a flourishing coastal ecosystem."