Who Is Artist and Do-gooder Cory Redwine?

Cory Redwine, the artist, is a Florida native who loves the beaches and waterways for many reasons.  Fishing, boating, paddle boarding, exploring and great family fun and relaxation are just a few of the reasons Cory likes being on or around the water.  

Of course the currents and winds deposit litter from the ocean/river as a constant reminder of man’s detrimental plastic pollution in the ocean.  She started picking up litter with the desire to eliminate the garbage on the beach.

But now picking up the un-ending procession of litter and bits and pieces of plastic has become a passion of its own. Though frustrating at times, seeing so much trash appear time and time again, Cory found a way to channel this endless task into a more exciting activity; like a scavenger hunt on the beach.

Cory said, “I began to gather the more colorful bits of trash and the unique objects cast upon the sand by the waves and wind. I hated to just fill up the landfill with it as well, so I began to ponder what purpose I could give to this quantity of materials I was collecting.

My husband is an accomplished artist, so I began to create works of art using a collage of color and texture that comes from the many bits I’ve collected and scrubbed clean.

"My hope is that these works of art will bring awareness to the growing crisis of plastic pollution and encourage others to notice garbage and not just walk over it, but to also pick it up. Who knows, maybe they will be inspired to do something creative too, one piece of trash at a time.”